Cordyceps, the debut album of Alchemeleon, was an almost year long project that revolved around eccentric compositions and finding open studio time. Working primarily out of the Media School studio at Ohio University, bare piano tracks were transformed into intense orchestrations with the help of some of the best musicians around. Recorded in Logic Studio 8 through a Neve 5088 console with Apogee converters and a whole slew of synthesizers, digital effects, and acoustic instruments.

My primary role in this project was that of assistant tracking and mixing engineer, along with playing guitar on the track “Through the Screen”. Alchemeleon was the first real abstract recording project I was a part of, and has definitely influenced the way I operate now.

In the words of Alchemeleon:

An aural anomaly of amalgamated sounds: piano-based jazz/latin music,into a genre called Blog Rock. All of these somehow coal polyrhythmic beats, moldy analog synths, obtuse instrumentation, and a vocal and lyrical style that might best fit esce into a singular auditory experience unlike any other. Your cochlea will thank you.

Check out Alchemeleon for yourself:


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